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Please excuse the mess while content is moved/consolidated from over to the new website ≫

During the transition, the OLD can be accessed here ≫

Content will be changing by the minute/hour, so please check back often during our housekeeping !!!

While you are viewing this website, please notice that each featured person's webpage has different versions. The most recent webpage for a particular person SHOULD BE accessed from the main menu-bar at the top of every page.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! -- While we are updating this website, the reader is bound to come across a webpage or person called "Zero No-Goodnik", "Zero No-Goodnix", and/or content that shows disbarred attorney Jack B. Thompson -- THESE PAGES ARE ONLY NAME-SPACE/TEMPLATE PAGES with (obviously) no current or accurate information about the featured Bad Attorney or Bad Person you clicked upon !!!

I repeat -- the most recent webpage for a particular person SHOULD BE accessed from the main menu-bar at the top of every page. If "Zero No-Goodnik", etc., is appearing -- CHECK BACK IN A FEW HOURS OR A DAY OR TWO FOR MORE ACCURATELY DECLARED OPINIONS OR FACTS PRESENTED ON THE FEATURED PERSON !!!

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The Current List of Bad Attorneys and Other Bad People

HINT -- The RED entries below will be the most current and accurate entries before the BLUEs.

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Attorney's or 3rd Party's Demand for Retraction or Correction Log

  • There was NO request or demand sent to Content issues by any featured attorney or other "Bad Person", or a 3rd party acting on their behalf, for a retraction or correction of any content appearing on this page -- as of the below: "Date This Page was Last Reviewed."

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Page Change Log

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